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A/C Marriage haall in chenaai mogappiar east Centralized ac hall capacity of 700 persons and centralized dining hall capacity of 200 persons with 10 a/c spacious rooms with bath attached and one dormentory 100 persons can stay with modern kitchen ammenities , car parking available please contact 9282230380.
A/C/Weeding haall in chenaai .Sri Ammanaa mahaall situated in golden george nagar near mogappiar & Nerkunrum bus stop in EVR Salai. It is a centralized a/c marriage haall capacity 0f 700 persons , dining haall also a centralized a/c capacity of 200 persons , and 10 a/c spacious room with bath attached apart from that one big dormentory for stay in the night. with car parking facilities .please contact 9282230380.